3 Supplements that REALLY work

3 Supplements that Absolutely Work

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a popular supplement because it provides a variety of health benefits. Inside your cells, you have a ratio of omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids. The standard western diet is high very in omega-6 fatty acids, so supplementation of fish oil (a great source for omega-3 fatty acids) can balance the ratio, which improves overall health.
The most noticeable results from fish oil supplementation include benefits for severe depression, joint pain reduction (when supplemented by athletes in high doses), and a powerful triglyceride reducing effect. Fish oil’s effect on triglycerides is so potent that it is also sold as pharmaceutical grade fish oil, under the brand name Lovaza.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplementation can improve mood and provide long-term protection against cognitive decline and bone deterioration. It stacks very well with vitamin K and magnesium. Stacking means that these supplements, when taken together, have a more powerful effect than taking the supplements individually.
Vitamin D’s effects are sometimes exaggerated, but that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective – it simply went from underused to overhyped. While it is not a cure-all, vitamin D is cheap, safe, and effective for long term supplementation. People in cold places or overcast areas should particularly take it.


Creatine is one of the most popular supplement among weight lifters, and for good reason. It’s basically a source of energy for your cells. Extra energy for your cells help you power through intense activity while also increasing the rate of muscular growth.  Creatine has a lot of evidence to support its safety (it’s found naturally in food), plus it’s cheap and can be supplemented indefinitely. Creatine is a compound with a variety of health effects, including benefits to physical performance, muscle growth, and liver health. Even better, research is indicating that because it’s a source of energy for your cells, it may even have neuroprotective and other helpful benefits!

BONUS: N-Acetylcysteine

N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) stands out from the crowd of antioxidants on the supplement store shelf because it’s actually effective when supplemented. NAC is needed to produce the antioxidant enzyme called glutathione, which exerts a general protective effect on the body.
NAC can also be supplemented for a variety of cognitive benefits, which include the treatment of drug addiction, reducing irritability and obsession, and protecting against cognitive decline.
NAC is also one of the few supplements that might actually remove heavy metals from the body. Though many detoxifying supplements are claimed to have this effect, NAC is one of the few that delivers.
So there you have it, 3 Supplements which work as advertised and an additional bonus which also delivers on said promises.

Yours truly,

Sherie Holland, A4M Lifestyle Health Coach

Source: Examine.com

Your right to know is being taken away

If you do not understand what GMO’s are and how they may impact you and our future then now is the time to educate yourself for your children and grandchildren’s sake.

The bill to STOP local and state GMO (genetically modified organisms) labeling was passed in the House yesterday.

What this means to you the consumer is they don’t think you have the right to know what is in your food. According the them, we should trust the food companies. That companies can genetically modify (frankenfood) the foods they sell and it’s none of your business.

When you do just a tad bit of research, you will find that these “frankenfoods” have been linked to INFERTILITY, obesity, chronic health conditions, cancer and leaky gut (in animal studies)! YOU/WE are living out the human studies right now! Sounds fun right! You/ we are voluntary and willing (or unwilling) guinea pig! A lab study on a grand scale.

My point is that if there are just a few studies showing this, isn’t it worth at least the choice of knowing what you put in your body. You may not care, but there are some of us that REALLY, REALLY CARE about the quality of our food. WE are fighting for ourselves and for you (even if you don’t know how important it is).

A large percentage of “we the people” spoke up about our desire to have our foods labeled. Our “representative” failed to represent the people they were representing!

We were just wanting it to be labeled! Many countries have completely BANNED GMO’s entirely because of what the studies show. WAKE UP! There is a real and valid cause for concern.

How I feel about this is if I haven’t been clear so far is…God made our food. I don’t think our scientist are smarter than God. Do you?!? God has it perfected!
We’ve been fine (surviving) for thousands of years and now (with GMO foods introduced and a few other things) we are having health issues on a massive scale! Cancer, infertility, chronic conditions are increasing every year despite our “modern abilities”.

Newsflash: Our country is corrupt. It.is.insane! There is no “we the people”. Those days are gone and newsflash again… politicians can be bought.

It is a sad time in America. Our health is declining every year as a nation and no one is doing anything to help because where is the money for people being healthy? (Is that what they are thinking?!?) We are a joke to other countries! A joke!

Many countries have banned GMO’s completely yet our “land of the free” country will not even simply label our foods which is what “we the people want”, so we will have a choice!

The ultimate solution and way to protect your health…know your local farmer. Buy from and support your local farmers and make sure the local farmers are not using Monsanto/GMO seeds.

The only say Americans get these days are with what we spend our $$$ on. When corporations lose money because we stop buying their toxic foods, then and only then, we will see change. Our voices are not loud enough but our dollars can certainly influence change. Money is their motivation not your wellbeing.
Another thing I have read is when using a seed (made by God), you can continue using seeds from the foods to grow MORE food. However, When you use a GMO/Monsanto seed, you must buy new seeds every year to grow. See why they would want farmers to use their seeds every year? They must buy new seeds every year.

How did your state do on this poll!

For Mississppi, Rep Bennie G Thompson (D) voted to not let that bill pass because he feels we as consumers have the right to know.  (Send him a “thank you for representing us” note on his Facebook page!)

Unfortunately, Steven Palazzo (R) and Trent Kelly (R) voted in favor of the corporations, not we the people. (Let these guys know how you feel on their pages.)

If this infuriates you like it does me, then contact them and let them know they failed miserably.

Regardless of if you think GMO’s are terrible or cause no problems, the bottom line is they voted to TAKE AWAY your right to know. That is NOT OKAY and NEVER will be okay.


My “Start Here” Plan!

Here’s a free plan! Guess what, it only works if you follow it. Read the entire post to understand the basics. If you are interested in trying this for 5 days or more, comment below, Share this post and I will follow up with you to answer any questions during your first 5 days. Comment when you plan to start. 

***(NOTICE: When you get to your last day, the next few days ARE NOT binge days or I guarantee you’ll probably gain/undo what you just lost/achieved. It’s not because the plan didn’t work, it’s because you automatically put your body in storage mode which is what happens in yo-yo dieting a transition out is necessary because the body and metabolism are smarter than us).  

Understand: Switching to a balanced diet is healthier than a junk food diet. Of course, but a balanced diet does not automatically mean a fat/weight loss diet. What is balanced for you may be unbalanced for someone else. Get over the notion that eating a balanced diet and intensely exercising is going to result in weight loss. This is a myth and not very specific. Look around. If this worked we wouldn’t be a nation with an obesity epidemic. If it’s working for you then move along until is stops working for you. Chances are if you are reading this, it is not working for you. The body and metabolism are not static. It is constantly changing. Use that to your advantage instead of fighting against it. The body and metabolism WILL ALWAYS WIN at this game!

Basics: Do calories matter? Absolutely BUT they are not the priority. Not all calories are equal. Not all carbs are equal, not all fats are equal and yes, you guessed it, not all proteins are equal. For example, if you eat 2 donuts (or breakfast burritos or nothing) for breakfast, eat a salad with fried chicken strips with honey mustard dressing at lunch with a diet or regular soft drink and then eat pasta with garlic toast at night, then you may have stayed under your 1200 calories goal for the day, but more importantly you have increased inflammation and spiked insulin all day long. Add in an intense cardio class that MAY trigger hunger and stress. So you come home and eat a cookie before bed (after all you just burned some calories so you deserve it right?). Which then can make sugar drop during the night and stress hormones are release while you sleep so you wake up feeling exhausted …Needing/craving the donuts and coffee for breakfast. And the cycle continues. You weigh 5 pounds more next year. All while keeping your calories low and exercise up. What the heck?!? 

New Plan: Try focusing on balancing hormones (insulin), blood sugar, reducing inflammation and then you will start seeing weight loss eventually if calories are also in check. Have a veggie omelet or protein smoothie for breakfast, a salad with grilled chicken and an EVOO & vinegar dressing for lunch, a serving of nuts or an apple for a snack and then a lean protein with roasted non-starchy veggies on the side. (add an extra green salad if you are still hungry). This general plan lowers inflammation & balanced insulin and is under the calories allowed for the day. No blood sugar spikes. No extremely intense exercise for a few days. Just move. Get sleep. Drink lots of plain water and lemon water. Unsweetened teas are allowed occasionally. 

Do this without deviation for 4-5 days and you will more than likely feel something positive happen. (Note: Some will also experience quick weight loss and detox effects depending on their current diet as the body rids excess unneeded fluid due to previous high insulin levels.) Remember this is just food. Your not doing anything crazy. No very low carb, no high protein, no starvation. Just eating real food. Your body will indeed respond. 

Do it without deviation for 2 weeks and you will have probably dipped in to your fat reserves for energy if necessary. Yay! Add in walking daily and you will feel and see results even sooner. Stay hydrated with lemon water. Water is your friend. Did I say drink water?

Positive results/Success is not limited to weight loss. Do not let that be your primary goal. Pay attention to how your body is responding. Are you sleeping better, waking up feeling rested, no more brain fog, skin clearing, less bloating, regular bowl movements (once a day), less anxiety, less digestion issues, reduced joint pain, etc?  

Balance is what you want for hormones and blood sugar not necessarily your diet. 

An extra tidbit of free info: no other hormones in the body, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, leptin, grelin, thyroid, etc can be regulated UNTIL blood sugar (insulin) is balanced. Blood sugar must be managed and under control before the others can be corrected. 

Who wants to try this free 5 day challenge? It starts when you want it to. Comment below if you want some guidance. 
Please feel free to share so others can participate. We need a shift in our mindset, the truth and our health goals. Let’s get it started. So SHARE!!!

Necessary Disclaimer: If you have serious health issues, please check with your physician before starting anything because food/nutrition can be very powerful! This is a plan that works for many. If you have food allergies, use foods you are not allergic too. 😊 This is free information but don’t treat it that way. It is valuable information that can lead to serious lifestyle change. If you happen to deviate, your very next meal gets you back on track. 

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Sherie Holland, Certified A4M Lifestyle Health Coach