Your right to know is being taken away

If you do not understand what GMO’s are and how they may impact you and our future then now is the time to educate yourself for your children and grandchildren’s sake.

The bill to STOP local and state GMO (genetically modified organisms) labeling was passed in the House yesterday.

What this means to you the consumer is they don’t think you have the right to know what is in your food. According the them, we should trust the food companies. That companies can genetically modify (frankenfood) the foods they sell and it’s none of your business.

When you do just a tad bit of research, you will find that these “frankenfoods” have been linked to INFERTILITY, obesity, chronic health conditions, cancer and leaky gut (in animal studies)! YOU/WE are living out the human studies right now! Sounds fun right! You/ we are voluntary and willing (or unwilling) guinea pig! A lab study on a grand scale.

My point is that if there are just a few studies showing this, isn’t it worth at least the choice of knowing what you put in your body. You may not care, but there are some of us that REALLY, REALLY CARE about the quality of our food. WE are fighting for ourselves and for you (even if you don’t know how important it is).

A large percentage of “we the people” spoke up about our desire to have our foods labeled. Our “representative” failed to represent the people they were representing!

We were just wanting it to be labeled! Many countries have completely BANNED GMO’s entirely because of what the studies show. WAKE UP! There is a real and valid cause for concern.

How I feel about this is if I haven’t been clear so far is…God made our food. I don’t think our scientist are smarter than God. Do you?!? God has it perfected!
We’ve been fine (surviving) for thousands of years and now (with GMO foods introduced and a few other things) we are having health issues on a massive scale! Cancer, infertility, chronic conditions are increasing every year despite our “modern abilities”.

Newsflash: Our country is corrupt.! There is no “we the people”. Those days are gone and newsflash again… politicians can be bought.

It is a sad time in America. Our health is declining every year as a nation and no one is doing anything to help because where is the money for people being healthy? (Is that what they are thinking?!?) We are a joke to other countries! A joke!

Many countries have banned GMO’s completely yet our “land of the free” country will not even simply label our foods which is what “we the people want”, so we will have a choice!

The ultimate solution and way to protect your health…know your local farmer. Buy from and support your local farmers and make sure the local farmers are not using Monsanto/GMO seeds.

The only say Americans get these days are with what we spend our $$$ on. When corporations lose money because we stop buying their toxic foods, then and only then, we will see change. Our voices are not loud enough but our dollars can certainly influence change. Money is their motivation not your wellbeing.
Another thing I have read is when using a seed (made by God), you can continue using seeds from the foods to grow MORE food. However, When you use a GMO/Monsanto seed, you must buy new seeds every year to grow. See why they would want farmers to use their seeds every year? They must buy new seeds every year.

How did your state do on this poll!

For Mississppi, Rep Bennie G Thompson (D) voted to not let that bill pass because he feels we as consumers have the right to know.  (Send him a “thank you for representing us” note on his Facebook page!)

Unfortunately, Steven Palazzo (R) and Trent Kelly (R) voted in favor of the corporations, not we the people. (Let these guys know how you feel on their pages.)

If this infuriates you like it does me, then contact them and let them know they failed miserably.

Regardless of if you think GMO’s are terrible or cause no problems, the bottom line is they voted to TAKE AWAY your right to know. That is NOT OKAY and NEVER will be okay.

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