Sales posted on our Facebook page!

Metabolic aftershock pic

If you haven’t already, please consider becoming a fan of our Facebook page for lots of information and specials!

Today, we have a pretty awesome sale on our Metabolic Aftershock program.  It is only $27 TODAY with the code on our Facebook page!  That’s crazy inexpensive.  At this price, please be aware before purchasing that this is a DIY program.  I will not be able to offer individual coaching at this price, however, paying for one-on-one coaching is always available (via paypal) at a month to month rate (discount for longer coaching) for those interested/needing the accountability. (FYI, my personal Juice Plus customers get FREE coaching during the first 4 weeks of the 9 week program regardless of how much they pay for the MA program! Win-Win!)

If you do not know about the Metabolic Aftershock program, I urge you to look it over.  Granted, the company that does the marketing is very “over the top” so please overlook that.  The program itself is designed by the amazing Dr. Jade Teta at Metabolic Effect.  Someone I admire so much that I personally became a Certified Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant so I could teach based on his methods.  It just makes sense and I love what I do.  To not only help people reach their goals but to maintain is exactly what we ALL need!

You will also find on our facebook page a sale for our favorite Dale’s Raw Food products.  They make raw vegan whole food bars that are unlike anything I ever seen!  I personally never leave home without one in my purse.  They do not have a long shelf life because they are RAW food and contain no preservatives.  They last 2 months in the refrigerator and can also be kept in the freezer if buying in bulk.  The protein powder is another product I keep and really love the simple taste.  It is one I highly recommend for use on most of the programs I offer.


I look forward to hearing what you think about the website at and letting me know if it is easy to navigate or if you find any problems.  It is constantly a work in progress and since I am a health coach and NOT an IT person, it is a slow process!  I appreciate any feedback!

Go out and have a great day and an even better weekend! Spend it with the ones you love and lift you up!


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