Help for Autoimmune Conditions

originally posted by R. Mitchell, MD | June 3, 2017  (My notes for additional info at the bottom.)

Rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, Hashimoto’s, Sjrogrens, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, eczema, psoriasis, Hashimoto’s/Grave’s and other so called autoimmune conditions, are all reversible if you understand their cause.

The symptoms of autoimmune conditions are caused by cytokines, chemicals produced by the immune system in response to critter overgrowth. Prostaglandins, leukotrienes, tumor necrosis factor, histamine, metalloproteinases and other cytokines are responsible for most symptoms of infection/overgrowth, not the critters. The intent of the immune system in producing cytokines is to create an inhospitable environment for critters as well as kill them. Critters don’t like heat. Prostaglandins raise body temperature to reduce the ability of critters to multiply. Xylitol is produced as a decoy sugar for critters to attach to instead of sugars on cell membranes. Xylitol is a component of mucus that you cough up or blow out your nose.

Cytokines vary in their potency. They can cause a spectrum of symptoms from a runny nose to death from anaphylactic shock due to a food allergy. Produced chronically, cytokines can destroy normal cells. The chronic production of cytokines in arteries causes “heart attacks” and strokes.

In the case of autoimmune conditions, cytokines are being released in a specific tissue site due to critter overgrowth. Some microbe, often Candida yeast, attempts to hide inside these cells. The immune system tries to attack the critters but may damage normal cells in the process. The immune system is doing the same thing whether it’s asthma, Hashimoto’s, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo or rheumatoid arthritis. Your genetics determines where the overgrowth occurs. Reversing autoimmune conditions is relatively easy by following these steps:

1) Start following a BALi type eating plan – Foods on the BALi Eating Plan were chosen based on their ability to kill critters, especially yeast/fungi/mold, the primary predators for plants. Candida yeast overgrowth is a primary cause of autoimmune conditions. Following the BALi Eating Plan will reduce your critter levels and reduce cytokine production by the immune system.

2) Check your TSH – Thyroid hormone is critical for using glucose and oxygen to produce energy. A side effect of energy production is heat. This heat keeps the core temperature of the body at 98.6 degrees. This is the Intelligent Design temperature that normally keeps Candida and other critters from overgrowing. As thyroid levels decline, so does body temperature. This creates an environment for critters to overgrow same as standing water creates an environment for mosquitoes to overgrow. If your TSH is above 1.0, seek out a practitioner versed in using Intelligent Design thyroid replacement (the product is called OMG Spark Plug). This is thyroid replacement using the exact same molecule normally produced by human thyroid glands. The Synthroid/levothyroxine normally prescribed is an inferior, synthetic substitute for real thyroid hormone.

3) Check your MCV – MCV (Mean corpuscular volume) measures the size of your red blood cells. If these cells become larger, they don’t deliver oxygen and iron to the body effectively. Iron and oxygen also help keep Candida in check. Red blood cells get larger if vitamin B 12 becomes deficient. This happens when there is inadequate production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. So, MCV becomes an indirect barometer of hydrochloric acid production. Hydrochloric acid (Robynzymes) is the body’s most powerful disinfectant. Inadequate production of hydrochloric acid increases your risk for overgrowth of viruses, bacteria and Candida. (Note: GERD/acid reflux are commonly due to low stomach acid not too much. Check your MCV. We the stomach does not get acid enough when food is present, the Lower Esophageal Sphincter does not get the message to close, which causes any acid to go where is doesn’t belong.  You want the LES to close. Acid production is the signal to close.)

4) Incorporate powerful natural critter killers like black seed oil. Some plants make more powerful critter killers than others. Black seed oil is at the top of the food chain as for as having an orchestra of chemicals that kill bacteria, viruses, Candida, and even parasites.

Once your critter levels are down, your immune system will stop producing cytokines excessively and your symptoms of cytokine excess will go away.

My added notes:

Address your body when you have an autoimmune condition as if it had an overgrowth of yeast/fungus/mold. Support the body in a way to decrease the overgrowth and stop feeding it by removing all high glycemic foods/products.  Sugar feeds “critters”. The more antibiotics a person has used in the past makes this possibility of overgrowth more probable.  Antibiotics are mycotoxins.  Mycotoxins are the poisons released from fungus. The more you take, the more fungal poisons you accumulate.  So, keep that in mind and remember to only use when absolutely needed and put back in the probiotics.  If you are constantly sick enough to need antibiotics, then take a step back and ask why your immune system is struggling if you’d like to break the cycle. Find someone to help you with this issue.

Plants produce powerful chemicals. That IS there defense system from predators since they can not get up and run away. They release chemicals. These chemicals have amny names.  That’s not important to this topic. The important thing is to eat the plants that have higher anti-fungal properties. The darker the color of the plant, the more potent it is.  Spices are amazingly potent for reducing the overgrowth as well.  Sprinkle them on your foods.  When using Black Seed Oil, take internally (start low and gently increase dosage) and also rub it directly on the thyroid gland. No need to rush this process and an Herxheimer reaction is very possible. The sicker the person, the greater the risk.  GO SLOW for healing. Be kind to yourself.

Monitor the antibody levels if dealing with Hashimoto’s/Graves.  Thyroid nutrients are most helpful for everyone. Many, nearly all, people that suffer with thyroid problems were missing the thyroid nutrients in the beginning. Thyroid hormone replacement should not be used as the only way to help hypothyroid patients.  You are missing the nutrients. If anyone is on thyroid hormone, please do your research and add in the thyroid nutrients.  Early on, a patient may have ONLY needed the thyroid nutrients in the first place.  We all need thyroid nutrients.  Not having the nutrients allows an accumulation of toxins to build up due to the lack of iodine/iodide.  The major ones are iodine, selenium and zinc. There are more that are helpful for supporting the thyroid and the immune system, including Vitamin D. Not having these opens the door for other diseases, including cancers, especially reproductive cancers.  (See the links with a quick google search.)

PLEASE do not add in iodine/iodide when you have active Hashimotos’s/Graves unless, and ONLY unless, you are working with someone trained. (We can recommend a practitioner.) Zinc and selenium could be most helpful UNTIL the iodine/iodide can be added back. Adding iodine/iodide can cause Hashimoto clients to get worse initially as it kills off the accumulated toxins in the thyroid gland.  This is not a pleasurable experience. No one should try to suffer through this.  It can cause more harm than good.   As a Hashimoto’s sufferer, I have ALWAYS been told to avoid iodine/iodide.  This is why, but what I wasn’t told was how a lack of it can be a reason why the condition began in the first place and why after controlling the anti-bodies it can and should be used again. The dose at that time will be for you and your practitioner to determine.  I use a higher dose because I do not want any autoimmune condition to return.  It works very well for me at the moment. My illness has disappeared.

Let me reiterate, once the thyroid antibodies are completely controlled, then it would be recommended by your iodine trained practitioner to gradually start including the necessary iodine/iodide blend, but again, going extremely slow because iodine is powerful at keeping “critters” under control.  Iodine in the body works the same way the chlorine does in our swimming pools.  It’s essential but only after the body is detoxed and the immune system is “smart/rested” again. THIS IS A PROCESS.  This is a process I personally experienced.  It took me many months to finally get it under control.  And now, I have no thyroid antibodies and my body is feeling better than ever.  I have seen many clients, working with our knowledgeable practitioner get these results as well.  Again, no one should suffer, but the correct help can make this a worthy goal.

Choose health and choose practitioners that get the results you want.  I wanted complete healing. I found someone to show me, I followed the instructions and got that same result.


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